2At the end of December 2016 the Claretian Missionaries took on the pastoral animation of the Parish-Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fatima. The Parish has its center in Wulai, and also has a chapel in a 20 km. away village: Fu-shan. Some 20 Catholic families live in Fu-shan; there the Mass is celebrated every Friday night. Thursdays is the time for home visits, prayer and song rehearsal. One of our pastoral guidelines is the support and promotion of youth ministry and for this reason the youth group were entrusted with the mission of preparing a summer camp for kids. Many years ago, this parish that organized summer camps for more than 200 children each.
The youth group took it with great enthusiasm and responsibility, although at first they feared that may be not enough children would join the activity… it had been a long time since the last summer camp and we did not know how the response to this proposal would be. Indeed, it was much better than we expected, 27 children took part (from third grade elementary to first grade middle school), five of them did not belong to the Parish.

7It was three days and two nights in which the parish youth group became actively involved and had the logistic support of several parents; In the end, once fears and difficulties were over, everyone was happy and satisfied with the experience, both the young people and the parents who made it possible as well as the kids who joined.

The challenge now is to strengthen the youth group, provide it with a clear identity and mission, and to start working, among other things, in the preparation of next year’s camp, which we hope will be a week long one.