Report by Jijo Kandamkulathy CMF

Cantata Macau-2018 the 3rd International Music Festival of Macau (MICF) just concluded with the message of His Lordship, Stephen Lee, Bishop of Macau on Sunday, the 9th of December in the Cathedral of Macau. He exhorted the audience and the participants to extend the harmony and communion in the choral singing to their personal lives and to the society at large. He also said that the result of such harmony and communion is peace and joy. The bishop also announced the opening for the registration of Cantata-2019.

“The number of participants have doubled by the time the festival has reached its third year,” said Barrie Sanchez Briones, the Maestro and Co-Founder of the Festival. The festival hosted over 400 choristers of 14 choirs from 8 different countries.

“Personally, I believe the Concert is a significant cultural event in Macau and, particularly for lovers of harmonious and diverse musical expressions, a happening to look for every year.” Said Fr. Fausto Gomez who came with his students for the Grand Concert in the Teatro.

The Festival was co-founded by Fr. Jijo Kandamkulathy CMF, member of the Claretian community at Macau, together with Mr. Barrie Sanchez Briones, and the choir master of the English Mass at Saint Lawrence Church, Macau and Patricia Ho, a well wisher of the Claretians.

The Cantata Festival was founded not only to conserve and promote choral singing, a Catholic Tradition for centuries, but also to signify Macau, which is called the Las Vegas of the east, as a place of spiritual and cultural pilgrimage centre.

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