On 14 July, a group of Claretian friends from Hong Kong and Macau attended the Claretian Mission Day in Japan.

The Claretian Mission Day celebration began with a Holy Eucharist presided by Bishop Joseph Maria Abella Battle, CMF, and Fr. Nagasaki So, Fr. Shinji Takenobu, Fr. Antonio Fradera Odin, Fr. Dominic, Fr. Julio Torres, and Fr. Jojo Peter Ancheril were concelebrants at Hirakata Catholic Church.

After the Mass, we had a gathering in which Fr. Jojo and Fr. Julio presented some of the Claretian projects that are undertaken by the East Asia Delegation. Claretian friends presented a beautiful song ‘Sing Hallelujah to the Lord’ and Fr. Jojo presented some of his magic tricks to entertain the participants. Finally, the day ended with a fellowship meal.


This activity was also an opportunity for the friends of the Claretians at Hong Kong to know the reality of the Catholic Church and the Claretian Mission in Japan. There were also some visits to cultural landmarks in the nearby area of Kyoto. Time flew and tears fell when the visitors were leaving. Mission Day participants from all three places hugged as they bid each other farewell.

The East Asia Delegation will have three Mission Day celebrations planned in this special year of mission. The ones in Hong Kong and Japan were held on 28 April and 14 July, respectively. The last one is going to be in Taiwan in the special month of mission in October 2019. Let us work together for the glory of God and the salvation of all people.

A million thanks to all our friends and well wishers for your generosity and good will in spreading the message of Love, Peace and Joy.