IMG 20180518 WA0002The General Econome, Fr. Manolo Tamargo is now visiting East Asia Delegation. The economic animation visit started in Hong Kong on May 16, where he visited the parish at Mui Wo, the house recently purchased and overviewed the Pastoral Bible Foundation work and finances. On May 17, he went to Macao where he got acquainted with the work of Claretian Publications Macao under Fr. Jijo’s management. He had time to jump the border and visit our house in China. On May 18 he flew to Osaka where he was met by the superior of the Delegation at the airport. From there they went to Hirakata Residence. He will be in Japan until May 22. During this time he will overview the accounts of some communities of Japan, visit the communities and kindergartens in the Osaka area and give a look to the accounts of some communities as well as the accounts of the Delegation.

On May 21 he will meet with the Delegation Superior and the Econome and give a report on his findings during the visit; the same day in the afternoon, during the Japan monthly meeting, he will share about the economic situation of the Congregation. During his time in Japan he will have also some opportunities to visit some important cultural centers. On May 22 he flies to South Korea where he will proceed with their Canonical Visitation. Let’s give thanks to the Lord for this moment of grace for our delegation and keep Fr. Manolo Tamargo in our prayers.