East Asia Delegation Council Meeting





The council meeting of the East Asia Delegation started at 09:20 with a short prayer. Marcel.lí Fonts, Felix Martínez and Francisco Carín assist to the meeting.


The secretary reads the minutes of the previous council meeting. The minutes are corrected and approved.

Revision and approval of the Nagoya 2012 budget. After revising the budget and some adjustments, the 2012 budget of Nagoya is approved.

Rome has approved the budget of the Delegation, and thanked the Delegation for the apportion to the self-sufficiency fund of the General Government.

Paco informs about the situation of fr. Joseph. The Taipei Archdiocese has taken under their responsibility the lodging and care of the Mainland diocesan priests coming to Taiwan to study theology, so he will not need to live in our Taishan house and his expenses there will be covered by the Vatican representative office in Taiwan. The only doubt left is about the financial help for his trip to Philippines for the Taiwan visa; in case the Hong Kong or Taiwan Vatican representative asks for help, the China Procure can assist him sponsoring the expenses for his visa trip.

Fr. Jojo will accompany Fr. Peter Chao in his trip to Spain to assist to the “Encounter with Claret” program this coming September.

After dialogue with the Macao superior, it was decided that it would be better for Fr. Jijo to study Mandarin first in Taipei instead of in Beijing, and after continue in China in a place close to Macao. He will be arriving to Taipei in July-August 2012.

The delegation Council after reading the report from br. Sid and due deliberation, approved candidate Zhang Kai to continue his formation process in Philippines. The Superior Delegate already contacted the Provincial of the Philippines about it, and he is welcome.

John Xue: Marcel.lí while in the Philippines had the opportunity to talk with John Xue who just finished his theological studies in Manila. He assisted to the formation course for the perpetual profession with his batch, and then is going to China for 2 months for vacation. In July-August he will proceed to Japan where he will get acquainted with the Delegation work in Japan and a time of formation.

The council agrees on the possibility of buying a house in Hong Kong if the price offered and the location are good. It is also important to obtain legal recognition of the Congregation in the Hong Kong territory if possible. Before the legal recognition is established the Delegation Council will study the documents so the legal implications for the Congregation are written, as much as possible, in accordance with Canon Law and Congregational law requirements.

In line with this, as Fr. Paco will visit Taiwan in summer it will be a good occasion to secure the properties of the Delegation in Taiwan that are under personal name of Claretians in a more adequate way.

The ossuaries adjoining the church of Daito and Hirakata have obtained the official permit they lacked; According to regulations, the common grave at Hirakata church can’t be maintained, and there is the intention to move the rests inside to the already approved ossuary;  Both parishes are processing the numerous permits needed to proceed forward. The actual gravestone will stay as memorial.

Projects for Mainland China.

Language school: from the study presented by Fr. Alberto Rossa the Council considers that the most plausible thing is to start first with a 3 months course in Beijing on September, October and November under the Beijing diocese cultural association license and in their premises. We will evaluate and decide according to the experience; if positive, the program can be more thoroughly established and developed. In case the diocese building is torn down as scheduled, we can try to make the 3 months English teaching test-run within fr. C’s language school.

ASCLA East meetings. The council considers that Fr. Alberto can do the final coordinating and organizing tasks for the ASCLA East Regional Encounter (AERE) on Bible to be hold in Macao in June 2012, 20-21. The AERE E-tics (Internet, social media and Evangelization) commission will send 2 representatives to the Bible encounter so both E-tics and Evangelization can properly assist each other.

On the 2012 canonical visitation by Fr. Gonzalo Fernandez.

After almost six years without the Delegation Bulletin, and as the proposal to make it on-line five years ago did not materialize, the Delegation Council agreed to publish a new issue of the Delegation Bulletin at the end of the current triennium on October 2012. On the other hand, The council members will promote the production of short news articles from the different areas of the Delegation (in each issue at least 2 by each area: Taiwan, China-Macao-Hk and Japan) for a bimonthly on-line e-bulletin. News items will be short and centered on our pastoral and daily-life activities, with a maximum length of 300-350 words and adequately accompanied with  pictures and/or movies.

During each triennium the Delegation Superior will hold, at least, one meeting with all the local superiors of the Delegation. Still, the Delegation Council considers there is no need to celebrate general assemblies in the Delegation as the assemblies by areas seem to be working properly and cater adequately to the idiosyncrasy of the East Asia Delegation.


The council ends with a short prayer at 17:35.


Next Council will be held in Osaka on September 19, 2012.